Recover - Restore - Rejuvenate


You lead an active life and your body deserves attention. Recover after a workout or a particularly tough day with a quick, customized massage tailored to your specific needs.


You do not have to live with pain. Through heat applications, calculated massage strokes, and stretches, your body will begin to release the adhesions that create the aches you are experiencing. We will work together to set up a plan to help you towards a pain-free life and get you back to daily activities.


Ready to feel younger? Experience a boost in metabolism and energy with this session. Enhance it with a steam or one of our signature  spa offerings. Benefits include detoxification, circulation improvement and skin beautification.


"Erica is great and very knowledgeable with what she does. Easy to talk to & an awesome personality ! Thank you so much for being so accommodating."

"I had the pleasure of being one of Erica's fasciablasting clients. It was one of the best sessions I've ever had. She is truly gifted in her craft." 

"Erica is fabulous! I highly recommend her and will definitely book a massage with her again. She uses a variety of techniques and can customize to a client's needs and preferences, whether they be more relaxing or more therapeutic in nature."

"Can’t wait for next session! Erica was knowledgeable and knew exactly how to target my issues!"

"Erica is jut all around amazing!!! I no longer need physical therapy for my back pain, she is a life-saver."