Warm Up

Need a warm-up? Spend 15-30 minutes under the steam tent before your treatment. The heat will help dull your pain and soften your fascia and muscles to increase the effectiveness of your treatment.

Winter Warm Me Up

An hour-long massage with warming essential oils and a 20 minute herbal steam. Warms your body and soothes your cold-weather aches and pains.

Allergy, Cold & Cough-Cutter

If you suffer from allergies or the common cold, enjoy this full-body eucalyptus steam with added sinus pressure-point,  head and neck massage. Get relief from your congestion and sore muscles.

Peppermint Cool Down

During the warmer months, it is still possible to cool down with steam. The perfect cooling treatment for hot weather, Dead Sea mud is combined with peppermint essential oil. Enjoy improved skin tone, texture and clarity with this soak.

Ultra Detox

Experience mind and body rejuvenation with this Ayurvedic mud soak and herbal steam bath.


Dry Brush Treatment

Short, upward strokes with a sisal mitt encourage lymph movement and increases circulation.

Hot Stone Massage

A massage incorporating gliding, Swedish massage strokes with warm Basalt stones.